Our housewarming party last Friday…

Here’s a picture of our housewarming party last Friday!

Me dancing with Fleur…

… and Jack talking with Alfredo (why are they pointing at us?)

It also was my birthday. I got some nice daffodils from Fleur of which Jack thought were hyacinths. Fleur gives me flowers for my birthday every year.
We also got a floor lamp from my mother, my brother and his girlfriend, and from Jack’s father. You can see the lamp in the background.
Furthermore we got some pots and pans, some wine, a vase, chocolate, and some plants.
From Jack I got a suprise weekend, now that’s really a surprise!
No that’s not true, I must not tease him so much. He is real sweat to me…

Thanks everyone for the great presents, the house feels really warm now!

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
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