Opening of our exhibition at Ihlia in the public library of Amsterdam

The opening of our exhibition at Ihlia (International Gay & Lesbian Information Archive) in the public library of Amsterdam was fun!

We made something special of this exhibition by putting our photoalbums on boards that we covered with wallpaper that looked like wood. They were supposed to look like tables, with the albums plus other stuff on them (like a candle, a game of cards, stuff like that). NOBODY SAW THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TABLES! ;-(

Looks like a table to me?!


And here’s another beautiful table ;-)


This is a table with a chair (no it aint Mickey Mouse’s ears)

The table above is a special table with a movie of ‘how we do it’. By it I mean, how we make the pictures. The nice woman working at Ihlia made a film when we were making pictures at ‘De Condomerie’ in Amsterdam. So you can see us working. I guess you could actually say that we’re models ;-) . There are also condoms (Jack) and painkillers (Jill) on the table.

Wow! A huge Jack & Jill billboard at the entrance of the library!


Even more wow, visitors!


Chick that makes our pics…


Interview for some Amsterdam TV Channel




More visitors!


Great music from Dalal Marouf and Mick Paauwe!

We want to thank everyone for being there. Hope to see you all at our next exhibition! To be more precise, that is at the TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival in De Balie in Amsterdam, from 1-5 june. There will also be the screening of our movie ‘Living Together Apart’.

We’ll Meet Again?


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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
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