Our vacation in Kos, Greece

Here are a couple of pics of our vacation in Greece in October this year…


Here we are at the Asplepion…


The Asklepion is a famous ancient medical center built in honor of Asklepios, the god of healing. It was also the world’s first psychiatric hospital.


The Odeon…




More old stuff…



Drinking Greek Frappe coffee at the pool…



At the airport in Greece…


When we went to Greece we had a delay of three hours at Schiphol because the people at the airport in Greece were on strike. So we sat there in the plain for three hours and it wasn’t even flying.
We had a nice time in Kos, although inside the appartment it was very cold! And we didn’t like to go out eating in restaurants every day.


Or am I complaining too much now?






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Friday, December 2nd, 2011
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