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Bungalow Park Epe

Last week we were in a bungalow park in Epe. We regularly go to a bungalow park. Yes, it’s very corny, but it’s cheap and it gives us time to relax and be together more often. We walked, played squash, went to a museum in Apeldoorn, drank gl├╝hwein, watched stupid tv and read a lot… [...]

Christmas 2011

This year we spent Christmas with just the two of us…   I got a huge bottle of Baileys from Jack and a novel by Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (from the Millennium Trilogy). I got Jack a set of car speakers. I got us both pyjama pants by America Today. Jack [...]

Our vacation in Kos, Greece

Here are a couple of pics of our vacation in Greece in October this year…   Here we are at the Asplepion…   The Asklepion is a famous ancient medical center built in honor of Asklepios, the god of healing. It was also the world’s first psychiatric hospital.   The Odeon…       More [...]

Time to get a haircut

Did you know that I always cut Jack’s hair? Here you see me ‘in action’… Jack: “Is it short enough?”   Maybe it doesn’t show, but Jack is a little bit vain about his hair. He likes to wear it short, because sometimes people think that he is a girl (lol).

Summerhouse with little baby child of our friends

Friends of us have a very nice little summerhouse here in Rotterdam. It’s actually a very short distance away from our house. They just got a son, Elija. He’s so cute! Now I want a child myself! Unfortunately, Jack is not able to produce any kids…   Nice little summerhouse with nice little baby child! [...]

One week left Exhibition Amsterdam Library – Next Exhibition @ Transcreen Film Festival

Only one week left to visit our exhibition at Ihlia (Public Library Amsterdam)! We are going to tear everything down on Friday the 27th of May. So, if you like to visit, be quick! And please, if you go there, write something in our guestbook. We love that!     Our next (small) exhibition is [...]

Broadcasting of our exhibition in Amsterdam

Here’s the movie that was broadcasted on Salto 1 (Amsterdam TV Channel)   So funny what people say about us!   Thank you all for being there! Our next (really small) exhibition is at the Transgender Film Festival in De Balie in Amsterdam from june 1 till june 5. But off course there’s more artyfarty [...]

Opening of our exhibition at Ihlia in the public library of Amsterdam

The opening of our exhibition at Ihlia (International Gay & Lesbian Information Archive) in the public library of Amsterdam was fun! We made something special of this exhibition by putting our photoalbums on boards that we covered with wallpaper that looked like wood. They were supposed to look like tables, with the albums plus other [...]

Our housewarming party last Friday…

Here’s a picture of our housewarming party last Friday! Me dancing with Fleur… … and Jack talking with Alfredo (why are they pointing at us?) It also was my birthday. I got some nice daffodils from Fleur of which Jack thought were hyacinths. Fleur gives me flowers for my birthday every year. We also got [...]

Housewarming | Tonight | At Jack & Jill’s

Tonight we’re throwing a housewarming party! Not that everything in the house is finished, but if we have to wait for that to happen then there will be no housewarming ever ;-( Plus, it’s my birthday! Yes, 26 already (lol)… We did the shopping for the party already… Okay, we didn’t. It’s an old picture. [...]

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