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Bungalow Park Epe

Last week we were in a bungalow park in Epe. We regularly go to a bungalow park. Yes, it’s very corny, but it’s cheap and it gives us time to relax and be together more often. We walked, played squash, went to a museum in Apeldoorn, drank gl├╝hwein, watched stupid tv and read a lot… [...]

Pics from our vacation in Egypt

We’re back from our vacation in Egypt. Here are some pics: Kissing the Sphinx (Jack made me do this!) Walk like an Egyptian (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!) Me at Sphinx Jack at Pyramid Jack at Pyramid 2 Jack at Pyramid 3 This is the souvenir shop at our hotel Me with scarf Me with dress Me with man [...]

Greetings from ‘De Ardennen’

Yo to all ya Jack ‘n Jill Fans out there, I (That’s Jack, you stupid!) will be taking over the blog from Jill this time… Last week we were on vacation in ‘De Ardennen’ (That’s in Belgium). The weather was nice, except when we arrived it rained. We were allowed to put up our tent [...]

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